Stage @TheDock – A Pioneering Cultural and Community Venue

Emerging from the bed of the central dry dock, looking onto the River Hull & Humber Estuary, Stage @TheDock is a stunning multi-purpose, venue as unique and ambitious as the city in which it resides.

Developed by Wykeland as part of their partnership with Hull 2017 and in consultation with Freedom Festival Arts Trust, the venue is evidence of the opportunities that can be realised through ambition, determination and collaboration.

Available to hire and seating 350 in an amphitheatre setting, this is a pioneering cultural and community space providing an atmospheric setting for audiences and an unpararelled environment for creators, artists, cultural innovators & community leaders to create, test, develop and present work.

The surrounding public realm landscape, provides a perfect habitat for office workers, visitors and passers-by to rest and take in the landscape of the city and, on occasion, to witness work being developed or delivered creating a perfect opportunity for audience development.

As a venue, it will challenge us to explore and test the boundaries of outdoor arts whilst also providing a wonderful setting for civic events, debates, exhibitions and whole plethora of happenings.

We don’t yet know everything that is possible with Stage @TheDock, though we do have many ideas brewing, and we look forward to working with you the innovators and creators on this journey of discovery.

For more information about hiring Stage @TheDock please click here.
Or for a chat, call 01482 320968.

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