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We would love to hear from you.  If you have got an idea about using the stage or would like to enquire about booking it for your event, then please get in touch using the form below or alternatively call Natalia on 01482 320968.

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    • What is the seating capacity?

      350 people

    • Stage dimensions/plan?


    • Is there a lift?

      Stage @thedock has a 2-person platform lift.  The internal dimensions of the lift platform are 1100x1600mm, with a load capacity of 400 kg.

    • Is power available?

      This power supply is rated at 70 kVA.

      There is a metered incoming main in a lockable services enclosure located within the void under the seating terraces at the south end. From here, tubular conduits radiate outwards to various points across the performance stage area, hidden under the timber decking itself and emerging at openable access hatches. These ducts will be equipped with draw ropes, to enable cables to be drawn through as/if required. Also note that conduits run back to building C, under the ground floor of building C leading to a service riser alongside the lift shaft meaning that cables can be taken up, concealed, onto the flat roof for lighting rigs etc if required.

    • What technical equipment is available?

      The venue is hired as a space only venue.  Power is provided.  You are required to hire in any technical equipment required to support the delivery of your event.  Venue lighting is in place but not specific staging lights.

    • Are there any on-site facilities for performers and staff?

      A green room with changing facilities, basic kitchen and toilet is provided to the hirers for performers/event staff.

    • Are there any toilets?

      There are 3 toilets available for use of hirers of the stage for the audience.

    • What is the stage load limit?

      The terraced seating is designed for an imposed loading of 5.0 kN/sq.m. The main decking area at the lowest level is designed for an imposed load of 7.5 kN/sq.m. There is exposed steel structure to the edge of the decking, and support structure beneath this which would offer temporary fixing points if required.

    • Is there a carpark?

      There is a large pay-and-display carpark next to the Stage @the dock.

    • Do we need insurance?

      Yes, the hirer is required to have Public Liability insurance (min £5 million) and also advised to take out appropriate insurance to cover loss, theft or damage of property belonging to themselves, or the public and to cover death or injury of persons during the period of hire.

    • Is music covered with PRS?

      As event organiser you are responsible for completing appropriate PRS documentation and paying the fee’s directly to PRS (if applicable).

    • Can I use the stage to film/photograph?

      Yes.  We are open to any ideas for use of the stage.  Recording by film or other means is permitted only with prior agreement from the venue management team.

    • Do you provide stewards/security/first aiders for events?

      Stewards, security and first aiders are the responsibility of the hirer of the venue but we can recommend a supplier and support you with this.

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